We believe in the structure and function of the world as presented in the writings of Samuel Hahnemann, our Reverend Teacher. We believe these writings to be divinely inspired.

We believe in the perfection of the soul.

We believe the soul’s purpose in the physical realm is unknowable; however, it is holy and must be supported, because it is a part of the Divine Plan.

We believe our physical body is an instrument the soul uses to be able to exist in the physical world and achieve its higher purpose.

We believe the Vital Force to be an interface between the soul and the body, enabling the smooth operation of the soul in the physical realm. It animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation.

We believe the Vital Force can be invaded (infected) by malefic entities (AKA diseases, energies, spirits, demons, spiritual disturbances, energetic blocks), that distort its function as the interface between the soul and the body, thereby interfering with the Divine Plan. Such disturbance can induce symptoms in the physical realm. While these symptoms may seem very troublesome to us in and of themselves, we understand them to be secondary to the spiritual disturbance in the Vital Force.

We believe our calling as homeopaths is to help rid the Vital Force of our followers of such morbific entities, in order to enable their souls’ smooth operation in the physical world.

We believe that the best way to achieve this result is by placing a so affected Vital Force in contact with a different but dynamically similar, properly attenuated spiritual catalyst (homeopathic remedy) according to the principles outlined in the Hahnemann’s main work, The Organon of Medicine. Such a remedy teaches the Vital Force to repel the offending entity (disease).

We believe this work will improve humanity and bring closer it’s Golden Age.

We believe this work helps each individual soul achieve maximum possible state of evolution in its efforts to approach, and be more like, the Divine.