The Homeopathy Congress is a nondenominational ministry. Our sacred mission is to improve the spiritual health of all who seek our ministry. To this end we use the principles of Homeopathy as laid out by Samuel Hahnemann and subsequent teachers. We recognize and accept the right of the individual to worship as they please. We respect the rights of all to follow their own personal beliefs.

Working with homeopathic remedies constitutes our religious practice according to our deeply held spiritual beliefs.

The relationship between the parishioner and the minister is sacred and private. We recognize no secular authority to interfere with this spiritual practice.

Our intention is to promote spiritual health. We use homeopathic remedies that exert only spiritual effect on the spiritual Vital Force as explained by Hahnemann in ยง9 and 16 of the Organon of Medicine. Our remedies do not contain any active pharmaceutical substances and therefore exert no direct effect on the physical structures of the body.

We believe we have the right to minister to our parishioners wherever they may require our counsel. This includes ministering to them in our offices, or visiting them in their own homes, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc. We believe this right is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.